Altran (now Capgemini)

Altran, European Leader in Engineering Solution, is the project coordinator and in charge of both CFD simulations and developing the artificial neural network prediction model.

Altran is an international group offering innovation and high-tech engineering consulting and is the European leader in its field. The Group’s mission is to assist companies in their efforts to create and develop new products and services. It operates in 24 countries. As a strategic partner, Altran supports its clients’ global projects while maintaining a regional dimension via the various geographical divisions which make up the Group.

Altran works along with its clients on every link in the value chain of their project, from conception to industrialization. Altran Group has been providing its expertise for over thirty years to key players in the Aerospace, Automotive, Defence, Energy, Finance, Life Sciences, Railway, and Telecoms sectors, among others.
Every day, Altran’s engineers bring some complex projects to life and they boost engineering performance through their expertise in technologies and innovation processes.
Altran has a true culture of innovation and supports it with several R&I topics, such as: design optimization, co-simulation, energy efficiency, multi-physics coupling or additive manufacturing. Altran can rely on various R&I fundings: ANR, FUI, H2020, patronage, IRT, and own funds.

Altran’s vision is to tackle state-of-the-art problems in the industry and provide pertinent methodological and technological solutions for clients and industrials. Coupling research with innovation, Altran transforms complex technical issues into market value, hence increasing competitiveness and enhancing know-how.

Altran’s in-house computing resources include a HPC cluster with more than 500 processors, Ansys Fluent licenses and a dedicated team with more than 10 years of expertise in CFD.


CSTB, specialized in experimental campaigns for buildings, structures, industrial equipment and vehicles, is in charge of the wind tunnel test campaign.

The Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment (Scientific and Technical Center for Building) CSTB, is the French national organisation providing research and innovation, consultancy, testing, training and certification services in the construction industry. It was founded in 1947 after the Second World War to support the reconstruction effort.

The mission of the CSTB is to ensure the quality and safety of buildings, and support innovation from the idea to the market. It brings together multidisciplinary skills to develop and share essential scientific and technical knowledge, and to provide stakeholders with answers to the challenges of their professional practice.

The CSTB focuses on four key activities: research and consulting, assessment, certification and dissemination of knowledge. Its field of expertise covers construction products, buildings, and their integration into neighborhoods and cities

Thanks to the Jules Verne climatic wind tunnel in Nantes, CSTB is able to study large scale aerodynamic and climatic behavior of buildings, structures and vehicles.

Jules Verne climatic wind tunnel